Children's course 4 years

Already skiing and happy on the slopes...
What about 4 year olds who aren't beginners?
Any pupil under the age of 5 who has previously obtained a Garolou or Ourson level lesson is welcome to join groups of children aged 5 and over:
  • Ourson for children initiated in Jardin and proud holders of a Garolou
  • Flocon for Tit'Ourson or Ourson

During the school holidays, small PLEIN SOLEIL groups are preferable for these little skiers.


Do I need to buy a ski lift pass?
Students aged 5 and over need a ski pass to access the ski area. See ski passes for more information.
Does my child have to bring food?
Your child can keep a cereal bar in their pocket in case they feel peckish, especially if the weather is bad.
I want students of the same level to be in the same group. How can I ensure this?
Groups are not established in advance. The instructors assigned to the level of your students will assess the skills of all the students and form the groups at the end of the first session. If you want students to be in the same group, simply ask one of the instructors present at the meeting point at the start of the first session.