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Tests and levels Snowboard

Accueil Débutant

  • Changing direction on both sides of the fall line 
  • Elementary rounded turn. 
  • Direct line facing down the slope, normal foot or switch.

1er Snowboard

  • Completion of elementary turns.
  • Forwards and backwards sideslipping or fakie direct line traverse.
  • Elementary swivel garland and flat hopping.

2eme Snowboard

  • Completion of basic long-radius turns.
  • Completion of basic short-radius turns and elementary fakie turns.
  • Basic garland or basic ollie with the snowboard flat.

3ème Snowboard

  • Completion of series of long-radius turns.
  • Completion of a serie of perfect short-radius turns and basic fakie turns.
  • Perfect garland or 180° ollie.

Tests chronométrés


  • The X Boarder test is the accomplishment of multiple tricks in a row such as hoops, turns on a 15° slope that is 700m long.